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Fabulous Tiny Bites and Beverages

The second edition in the Fabulous cookbook series, "Tiny Bites and Beverages" offers many more recipes and photos that have appeared in Laura's newspaper food column, in magazine features, and also a few special recipes she's sourced from her private recipe collection.

Filled with fun and simple recipes that focus on using common ingredients and requiring minimal preparation,  anyone can whip up something wonderful- anytime! 


 A veritable feast of finger food, featuring everything from delicious dips and vegetables to breads and cheeses, fish, seafood and meats. There's also a sprinkling of seeds, nuts and delicious desserts woven in between! 


All done on a small scale, and using simple and swift recipes that make it a breeze,  Laura shows how easy it is to make spectacular selections from scratch!


Offering a glorious section on beverages, divided into hot and cold selections, then sorted by season to offer a tour on what to drink throughout the whole year, the food section offers the unique accessory of including  an exclusively customized expert wine pairing for each recipe provided by the President of St. Julian Winery, David Braganini!

Fabulous Tiny Bites Book cover

Filled with easy-to-make recipes that are accompanied by tried-and-true cooking tips, fun food facts, and even some of my own humorous and heartfelt anecdotes, my hope is that this series will help you  find your own path to enjoying food the way GOD intended, which is as a simple source of fuel and a spectacular source of pleasure - ENJOY! 

Laura Kurella with daughter  Elyse
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