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Fabulous Desserts!

Isaac Publishing 2009

This book was Laura's very first cookbook ever published. Holding the title as being her first bound collection of recipes, Laura took care to hand-select its recipes from both her award-winning newspaper food column and many new, never-before-seen recipes from her own private collection, which also include a few from ancestors who brought them from the "old country!"


Focusing on cooking authentic food, the way GOD intended, the treats that are tucked into this tome are surely a pleasure to eat!

Fabulous Desserts Cookbook cover
Laura Kurella Pure Michigan visit to  WGN TV Chicago
WGN TV, Chicago

The "Fabulous! Food that Makes You Feel Good" series is based on Laura's newspaper column and is not about strict disciplines or diets, or even complicated recipes. Rather, it's about enjoying food the way God intended, which is a simple and authentic source of fuel and an oh-so-spectacular source of pleasure-  ENJOY! 

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