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A Delicious Day at Mrs. K's

    Follow along as Mrs. K demonstrates to her group of cute and colorful characters the importance of nutrition and the fundamental role it plays in our health and overall lives! 

   Written in an easy-to-understand manner that is set to a rhyming text, the story also includes a cute little cat and a rambunctious butterfly that appear in the story and a separate "Flip" animation feature that appears in its print version. 

    Offering a very clear understanding of food, and the amazing power that it has, this K-2nd grade book is sure to inspire readers of all ages to seek nutrition first!

       The New England Journal of Medicine* has reported that, “For the first time in recorded history, our current children's generation is expected to have a shorter life span than their parents generation.”
       This revelation makes it imperative that we begin to educate children about nutrition at an earlier age so that they can learn  the “why” behind making better food choices and,
  be armed to do so independently.

I am thrilled to announce that my first children's book is finally available in print!
Signed editions are available in paperback ($10) and hard cover ($18) with FREE shipping. 
(Wholesale quantity purchase prices available upon request).
EDUCATORS: Teach the elements of Nutrition Science set by National Academic Standards with
FREE PowerPoint version. 
LIBRARIES: I welcome invitations to donate a hardbound version of my book to you and will personally hand deliver the copy whenever possible. Please contact me at email below and thank you for helping me to keep
our children reading books!
Live, GIANT BOOK readings by author also available. 
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