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Midwest Morsels
Michigan Cherry Cheesecake
Cauliflower Dreaming
Rice shirt win prize spread_edited
Better Brain
Bathing Beauty Lobster Bisque
 Food you love... that loves you back!

Food that makes you look and feel fabulous is not a fantasy,
it’s a dream come true!


Offering you decades of recipe research and development,
I'm here with easy ways to improve your favorite foods! 


Stop torturing yourself with boring drive-thru or
bland, boxed meals. Come explore all the amazing,
flavorful pleasures that await you in the cozy comfort
of your own dining room!


Tap into the fabulous flavor of fresh and harness
its power and potential to turn delicious dreams
into a taste-tempting reality quite easily, 
and in your own kitchen, too!

Cornish Chicek Soup
Sticky Maple Soft Pretzel Bites
Asparagus augratin
Olive oil dip
Great Lakes Grilled Chicken
Basil Breeze
Michigan Asparagus Lobster Risotto
Great Lakes Fish Taco
Great Lakes Potato Salad
Michigan Blueberry Summer Blizzard
Florentine Flutes
Kathi's Vanilla Bourbon Peach Preserves
Michigan Beet-Cured Salmon Rose Buds
Midwest Apple Sauce
Fiery Lobster Fra Diavlo
Beet Hummus
Midwest Berry tart
Salmon Shish
Michigan Cran Zinger

Laura Kurella Copyright 2023

"Food that makes you feel good!"

Laura Kurella guest appearance on  CBS  South Bend WSBT 22  2022
Laura Kurella  competing at World Food Championships
Laura Kurella Cover  Spark  SW Michigan Magazine 2022
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