Midwest Morsels by Laura Kurella (11/2022)
Minnesota “Popped” Espresso Mocha Pillow Crisps
Artichoke Spinach Florentine Flutes
"Bathing Beauty" Bodacious Lobster Bisque
02 Pear Pizza Wide
Winter White Dip Crudite wide
Michigan Cherry Japanese style Cheesecake
"We need to eat authentically 
- as GOD intended-
 which is to enjoy food as a simple source of fuel 
and an oh-so-spectacular source of pleasure! " 
Laura Kurella

PHOTO CREDIT: Laura Kurella Copyright 2022

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http://laurakurella.com/Laura Kurella Newspaper Food Columnist

Vitality Cuisine TV

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World Seafood Championship

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Laura is a self-taught, award-winning recipe developer (thanks entirely to blessings from God) who's been journaling her cooking adventures in a newspaper-based food column now celebrating its 20th year. 

What's interesting is Laura did not seek out this path for her life.  Rather, it was something that evolved from what began as anguish over the stunning loss of her father who, t
hough appearing healthy, died tragically from a heart attack at age 58 right before her teen-aged eyes. 

His early departure was shocking, and taught her (the hard way) that something she once thought innocuous (food) can kill you!


"I thank GOD for taking my pain and turning it  into a purpose. To put me on a mission to help others learn to eat food that benefits, not burdens our bodies, and to share that the fastest way to look and feel better is to eat food that's been prepared in our own kitchens! 

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