Lovely Lemon-blueberry Bread
Beet it Hummus
Palouse brand Whole Wheat Berries
Incredible Coffee and Chocolate
Supreme Super Bowl Seafood Puffs
Avocado Crab Dip
Spaghetti Squash Coconut Cream Pie
NorwegianTrout Taco Flavor Bar
"We need to eat authentically 
- as GOD intended-
 which is to enjoy food as a simple source of fuel 
and an oh-so-spectacular source of pleasure! " 
Laura Kurella

PHOTO CREDIT: Laura Kurella Copyright 2021

Marble Surface

Vitality Cuisine TV

World Seafood Championship

Laura's now decades-long journey into the world of food didn't start out as a plan. Rather, it was something that evolved from what began as anguish over the sudden loss of her father who,

though appearing healthy, fell dead -in her presence- from a heart attack.

His early departure at age 58 taught her the hard way that something she once thought innocuous: Food, can kill you!


"I thank GOD for taking my pain and turning it  into a purpose, to help others learn through my research, knowledge, and experience just how easy and pleasurable it is to seek out food that will benefit, and not burden our bodies!" 

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Marble Surface
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