Midwest Morsels

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Memorable Recipes and Reflections 

By Laura Kurella
Edited by Anne Sutton

Published by Reality-Based Books, LLC
Release Date: November 6, 2022
Hardbound Edition ISBN: 978-0-9766303-9-5
Softbound Edition ISBN: 979-8-218-09366-2

Written to celebrate 20 years of Laura's journaling her kitchen encounters in what's become a self-syndicated (Midwest-based) newspaper column, MIDWEST MORSELS provides an intimate look at Laura's life and her journey through the world of food, that she chronicles through recipes!

Beginning with ancestral recipes that came from the

"Old Country” where her Eastern European ancestors made sure to pass them down.

Taking readers through her youth in the "Melting Pot"
of the Whiting-Robertsdale / Calumet Region area,
then onto the Great Lakes Midwest area and the marvelous State of Michigan, Laura rounds out this  culinary journey by including  a  special "side trip" into the world she's experienced in cooking for "sport." 

This BONUS SECTION offers both insight and a small selection of her nationally-award-winning treats, 
making this book a unique and delightful read for everyone, even those who do not cook! 

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This book was self-published to enable me to make sure it was published and printed in AMERICA!
I also wanted to enable an economy paperback version and a Premium Hardcover edition so that people could purchase according to their preference/pocketbook. 

ONLINE SALES: Midwest Morsels  will be made available - at a later date - through Amazon. 

Midwest Morsels will officially premier at the 2022 "HAPPY HOLIDAYS" FREE Community Expo + Cooking Show on November 6, 2022, and will be offered at a special "Show" price, which can be found on my Facebook page. 

PRE-ORDER / ELECTRONIC PURCHASES: May be arranged directly through me, prior to the premier release event (or after) by contacting me at: midwestmorsels@yahoo.com


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