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Laura is an award-winning, self-taught recipe developer, food stylist and photographer that has been penning a weekly newspaper food column for the past twenty years!

As a wife, mother, and grandmother, Laura likes to infuse what she's learned from life with her education in 
Natural Medicine to help create award-winning recipes that also just happen to make you (and your body) FEEL GOOD!
With her weekly newspaper food column now in self-syndication, Laura's features appear through multiple news outlets across America, including The Food Channel and the USA TODAY Network.

In addition to appearing in local newspapers, and teaching cooking classes at community colleges, Laura loves the challenge of cooking contests, and presenting live food shows, which often feature the tossing food samples literally at the audience, and giving away fabulous,
food-related prizes! 

Laura's food journey has yielded her many blessings.  Beginning with a small newspaper column, Folk Medicine, which first appeared in print on the fateful day of September 11, 2001,  
her work quickly evolved into a self-syndicated newspaper food column, which will mark its
20-year milestone this year! 

Her body of work now includes appearing on network television, 
hosting local cable cooking shows and a Radio Recipe show, teaching cooking classes at local colleges, presenting live, food-related programs, winning occassional recipe contests, as well as penning cookbooks,
and children's books, too!

"Looking back, I never thought that losing my father would ever lead me to something so positive.
God obviously had a plan to turn my saddness into service. HE not only guided me through the deep
grief of this great loss, but also helped me shift my focus and life to a higher purpose: Making a positve difference in the lives of others- with food!" 

"This tireless food journey of mine continues to reinforce just how important it is that we choose to eat authentically, as GOD intended, which is to enjoy food as a simple source of fuel, and an oh-so-spectacular source of pleasure.                                       ENJOY!"   


"We need to eat authentically 
as God intended-
which is to enjoy food as a simple source of fuel 
and an oh-so-spectacular source of pleasure! " 
Laura Kurella
Laura Kurella donates her children's books to libraries
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Laura Kurella's Book inducted into Indiana University Calumet Regional Archives Notables Works
 WGN  TV Chicago
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ABC TV  Grand Rapids

Chicago Tribune columnist Phil Potempa interviews Laura Kurella
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World Food Championship


Whiting Pierogi Fest - Chicago Area

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