Laura is a wife, mother, grandmother,
journalist, author, adjunct professor, and speaker,
 who uses her life experience and
education in Natural Medicine to help
create food that makes YOU feel good!
Her recipes, food styling, photography and features appear in her award-winning, weekly newspaper column, as well as many other news outlets, including The Food Channel, which is a part of the USA TODAY Network.
"Looking back, I never thought that losing my father would ever lead me to something positive. However, God had other plans. HE not only guided me through the deep grief of this great loss, but also helped me shift my focus/life to an uplifting purpose - making a positive difference in the lives of others!" 
Her food journey has yielded many blessings:  
A newspaper column - 
Folk Medicine -  which began appearing on the fateful day of September 11, 2001.
Quickly evolving into a newspaper food column, which still runs to this day, Laura's body of work now also includes working as a contributor to The Food Channel, which is a part of the USA TODAY Networks.
She has also hosted 
two local cable TV shows; a Radio Recipes Show; written two volumes in her Fabulous! Cookbooks Series, with a third coming; and a children's book, A Delicious Day at Mrs. K's, which was inspired by family and written to help little ones seek nutrition first! 
Recently adding adjunct professor to her list of outreach, Laura added these special lectures and hands-on workshops so that students could have more one-on-one opportunities to learn.
"This tireless food journey of mine continually
reinforces just how important it is to eat authentically - as GOD intended - which is to use food as a simple source of fuel and an-oh-so-spectacular source of pleasure- ENJOY!
"We need to eat authentically 
as God intended-
which is to enjoy food as a simple source of fuel 
and an oh-so-spectacular source of pleasure! " 
Laura Kurella
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Laura Kurella donates her children's books to libraries
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